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Peyton Ballard, MS, SHRM-CP, Executive Director

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Ballard joined WVMAW in 2023 as Executive Director. Peyton has forged a career in entrepreneurship, business consulting, and capital acquisition. He's a double graduate of Marshall University and currently owns and operates his own consulting company, Ballard Consulting Group.

"When the opportunity to serve WVMAW came to my attention, I knew it was God calling me to use some of the grit and experience he'd given me through my career to participate in this work. This ministry aims to bring those who come from different cities, states, or even countries to live into Jesus' example of serving the less fortunate in their time of need. While backgrounds and experience vary from work camp to work camp, the crews that come to West Virginia are the hands and feet of the gospel."

Though a certified workaholic, Peyton enjoys his time away from work by spending time with his growing number of nieces and nephews, his church, and his friends. An avid hiker, you'll often find him somewhere lost in West Virginia's mountains - no matter the weather. Still a twenty-something, he is lovingly referred to as "Pawpaw Peyton" by those who know him best. He loves to get to know people on a "soul-level" and values his relationships above all else.

"I really believe that God's plan for our lives often plays out right in front of our faces. Sometimes we don't see that all the struggles, the joys, and the uncertainties are all brought together to stir us into loving God deeper than we ever thought we could."

Jake Tyler, Director of Project Management

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Jake became Director of Project Management in early 2024.

In 2020, Jake decided to build a home for his growing family on a small piece of land in Craigsville, WV. Although tedious, that behemoth of a project, cultivated in Jake a love for building.

Since then, that desire has grown into a longing to serve others by way of building things. When the opportunity presented itself to serve with WV Ministry of Advocacy & Work Camps, Jake saw it as an opportunity to live into his calling by serving the people of WV in a real and tangible way.

"Getting to serve families in West Virginia as a vocation? You must be kidding me! It's too good to be true! How many people have an opportunity like this? To serve those suffering from disaster and poverty in a high impact way, with an expressed goal of meeting possibly their greatest temporal needs – it’s unreal. It's truly a blessing" - Jake

Jake is also the owner of Cherry River Roasting Company and has served in various management roles throughout the years leading up to his work with WV MAW.